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Historical Research & Development

  Our Mission Statement read: "Research & field trials in the manner of our forefathers, before production". The original purpose of HR&D was to provide good documentation with research on a given item, once completed a sample may be made and worked with (field trailed) to see if that item was worthy of being reproduced and made available to the public. Then a study was made to see how marketable that item would be (will it sell). HR&D would produce working models, schematics (blue prints) and documentation of the item to those that produce such things with like quality and offered to a marketing group to sell that item.

  Sounds like a lot of work for making something period correct, but that is how this sport has grown with the dedicated reenactor, historian and history buff - those that want correct equipage to experience the chosen time frame that they have grown to love and study. Our founder D. L. "Concho" Smith realized this and worked for years to get to this point in furnishing documented articles, written studies and working models for those with like minds.

  We have had some good folks involved in the HR&D; 

  • Betty Morris of the "Historical Society" in St. Louis, 

  • James R. Rubinfine of "An Earlier Time" magazine - New England states [retired editor], 

  • John William Eaton of "The Colonial Society" magazine of Williamsburg VA [retired], 

  • Buck Conner a researcher and past owner of several period business' - Colorado [retired], 

  • "Concho" Smith from Pennsylvania Historical Society [retired] and several other members from similar walks of life involved in "Living History in North America". All experienced in a number of different areas of living history, museums, etc.

  The team would be given a subject to investigate, research, document and then report their findings to HR&D, the time didn't warrant the pay - more of a love of doing research and just learning about our forefather's and what life was like living then.

  After the passing of our founder in 2001 "Historical Research and Development" was not active for a short period, then Buck Conner and several others were asked by Mr. Smith’s family to use the experience gained to provide a limited service in answering questions from the living history buffs and the reenactors that had grown to depend on this service.

  Seems this project has become more of a non-profit research center, at times not covering costs for time spent, so much for ideas of a profit. At this time all we have available to offer is the wonderful chart shown below, all other services have been stopped.

Thank you for your time. HR&D


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