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JOHN PENN, Efquire,

Lieutennant - Governor, and Commander in Chief of the Province of Pennyfylvania, and Counties of New - Caftle, Kent , and Suffex, on Delware,


WHEREAS it appears to me, by the Depofition of Stephen Skinner, Efquire, Treafurer of Eaftern Divifion of New Jerfey, tranfmitted to me by his Excellency Governor Franklin, that Houfe of the faid Stephen Skinner, at Perth- Amboy, was, in that Night of the Twenty- firft Day of July laft, paft, robbed of Money, to the Amount of SEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS, and upwards, by fome Perfon or Perfons unknown, Part of faid Money being in Dollars, a fmall Part in Gold, and the reft chiefly in new Bills of Credit of that Province; I HAVE THEREFORE, by and with the Advice of the Council, thought fit to iffue this Proclamation, hereby requiring and enjoining all Judges, Juftices of the Peace, Sheriffs, and all other Officers of the faid Providence of Pennfylvania, and Counties on Delaware, to ufe their utmost Endeavours to difcover and apprehend the Perpetrator or Perpetrators of the faid daring Villainy, and to fecure the faid Money; and for that Purpofe ftrictly to examine all Perfons, who, from being poffeffed of an unufual Sum of New- Jerfey Currency, or from other Circum- flances, ther may be reafon to fufpect were concerned therein, GIVEN under my Hand, and the Great Seal of the faid Province, at Philadelphia, the Sixth Day of Auguft, in the Eight Year of His Majefy’s Reign, and in the Year of our Lord One Thoufand Seven Hundred and Sixty-eight. JOHN PENN. By His Honour’s Command, JOSEPH SHIPPEN, junior, Secretary. GOD Save the KING.


The Subfcriber makes and grinds FULLERS SHEARS, after the neateft and beft manner, and takes this method to inform the public, that he has appointed Wednefday, the 14th day of September, at the houfe of Ifrael Jacobs, at the fign of the White Horfe, in Market ftreet, Philadelphia , to grind fhears. Any perfon applying then may depend on having his work done with the greateft difpatch and fafety. Alfo at the fame place, perfons may always be fupplied with new ones, warranted good, by JOHN GRIFFITH.



These adventurers will be known as the  "NORTH AMERICAN FRONTIERSMEN".

NOW taking applications for a new venture into the new frontier west of the Ohio country.  Those of stout heart may take this into consideration as a chance for a new life. The loading of supplies at Knox’s Tavern in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennyfylvania, Who have for fale, a compleat Affortment of Linens, Checks, printed Linens, Cottons, Callicoes, Cambricks, Muffins, Lawns, Silk Handkerchiefs, Poplins, coarfe Shaloons, Sail Canvas, Ozenbrigs, Silver Watches, &e. &e. They have likewife to fell, a fmall Quantity of the beft European Oats.


EMPLOYMENT for the fall feafon, A GROUP of PERSONS - mainly 6 to 8 will be needed to acompany a supply train to arrived from Briftol, who underftands making of travel to Saint Louis in the beft manner; likewise be able to set forth and deliver in a timely arrangement to our traders & suppliers in said city. Enquire of Ifacc Lort, in Fourth- ftreet, a few doors below Walnut-ftreet


To be SOLD by public vendue, On Tuefday, the 5th of September next, at two o’clock P. M. at the houfe of Thomas Cooper, in the township of Abington, Philadelphia county, THIRTY ACRES of LAND (26 where of is very good woodland) fituate in Abington aforefaid, bounded by land of John Roberts, William Jenkins, Samuel Davis and Safquehanna Street. And on Wednefday, the 17th of September, at five o’clock P. M. will be fold at public vendue, at the houfe of the widow Jenkins, in Market ftreet, Philadelphia, Seventy-four and an half acres of land, in the township of Blockley, in the county aforefaid, 40 acres thereof under leafe at 12 l. per annum, about one year and one half of which is not expired. There are about 20 acres of the above land cleared, on which a dwelling - houfe, barn, ftable, and young orchard, with fruit trees of feveral kinds; the remainder is very good woodland; the whole bound- ed by land of the late James Coultas, Efq; John Ball, John Marfhall, and Haverford road. The above land is part of the real eftate of Charles Jenkins, deceafed, and will be fold by virtue of his laft will and teftament. Attendance will be given, at the time and place of fale, by MARY JENKINS, and GEORGE GRAY, Execut.


Lancafter, Augft 9, 1768. WHEREAS notice was lately given in Mefficurs Hall’s and Seller’s Gazette to the creditors of Jacob Treber, late of Manheim township, in the county of Lancafter, yeoman, to appear before us the fubfcriber, auditors appointed by the court of Common Pleas, in and for the county aforefaid , to fettle and adjuft the demands of the faid creditors, that diftribution might be of his eftate amongft them, in proportion to their juft demands. And whereas it is though there are yet many of the creditors of the faid Jacob Treber, who have not attended us with the accounts of their demands againft him. We therefore hereby give this further notice, that we fhall again meet, for the purpofes above mentioned, at the houfe of Lodwick Stone, in the borough of Lancafter, on or before the 23d day of September next, at which time and place we requeft all perfons who have demands againft the faid Jacob Treber, will attend with their accounts and vouchers. MICHAEL HUBLEY, WILLIAM HENRY, CASPER SHAFFLER. ___________________________________

Juft imported, and to be fold by O'CONNOR & SMITH  MERCANTILE,

At their store in Market ftreet, oppofite the Butchers Shambles, at the fign of the Green Frying-Pan;

WHITE Sea salt, Orsa salt, Maple sugar, Spiced Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Teas/Brick - Gunpowder - Hyson - Bohea - China Black, English walnuts, Dried fruits, Coffee*ground/French-Spanish - English, Coffee*bean /Brazilian - Columbian, Herbs & Spices, Cereals & Meals, Grains & Seeds, Flours, Walnut Oils, English glue. Tinned lanterns, tinned plates, tinned boilers, tinned skillets, tinned food cans, tinned coffee pots, tinned creamers, tinned canteens, axes, folding stools, braziers, table knifes & forks, lump coal, trivets, folding grates, iron needles, linen thread, bee’s wax, awls, wool blankets. butcher ditto, razor straps, hand mills, butcher steels, razors, hammars. Cotton & linen check handkerchiefs, ftriped cotton & linen holland, 7-8ths wide thicken, 6-4 and a half bed bunts, cotton velvet, cambricks & lawns, 7-8ths & a yard wide linen, Ruffia & Irifh fleeting, fhaloon & tammies, durants, callimancoes, camblets, callicoes, broadcloth, mens & womens flockings, filk knee garters, fewing filk, fcarf & hair ribbons, coloured & flitching thread. Games/dice-dominos-cards-cup & ball, cook books, pen & pocket knives, ivory & horn combs, smoking goods, Tobacco’s, and other items too tedious to mention.


........... ... . . ...

What is interesting about this page is the 'boxed' columns, A 'wood cut' and printed on linen stock, possibility a special edition.

This is a real copy of this newspaper "The Pennsylvania Gazettee" dated September 01,1768 with the exception of the small paragraph which was added for fun on the North American Frontiersmen Association. The rest of the text, spelling and content of the remainder of the front page is as what Benjamin Franklin wrote it.

After receiving this original newspaper as a birthday gift I got the idea for a period food business back in 1983, hence "Buckhorn Rendezvous" / "Clark & Sons Merchantile".