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Bring liquid to boil, add grains or beans, cover reduce heat and let simmer.

Grains (liquid: cooking time)

Short or broken grain Wild rice, Brown rice , India rice: 1 cup: 2c: 50 mins.

Medium or long grain Wild rice, Brown rice, White rice blend, Basmati rice (brown), Barley-pearl: 1 cup: 2.5c: 45-55 mins.

White rice (instant), Basmati rice (white), Amaranth, Buckwheat, Oats (rolled & steel-cut), Wheat-course: 1 cup: 2c: 15-20 mins.

Millet: 1 cup: 2.5c: 30-45 mins.

Cornmeal, most meals-blended-etc.: 1 cup: 3c: 10-12 mins.

Couscous, Quinosa: 1 cup: 2c: 15 mins: let stand 15 mins.

Wheat berries: 1 cup: 3c: 2 hrs: presoak 8 hours.


Beans (presoak beans: short soak, boil & soak 1 hr. or long soak for 8-12 hrs., then cook)

Adzuki, Fava, Lentil, Split peas, Smith: 1/2 cup: 2c: 40 mins.

Black, Cannelli, Soy: 1/2 cup: 2c: 30 mins.

Kidney, Lima , White beans: 1/2 cup: 2c: 60 mins.

Black eyed peas: 1/2 cup: 2c: 75 mins.


Until next time, we leave as friends and followers of those that went before us.

Buck Conner  

"One who trades”

"Uno quién negocia"

“Unqui commerce”